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in Paris

You learn something new everyday! Normally when traveling we warn our ladies about securing their purse against pick-pocketing while on waying on streets and in subways and buses. Well yesterday in Paris, two of ladies were pick-pocketed on the subway "escalator," while surrounded by twenty-one of us. See the attached photo above.


The women in the straw sunhat (on a fall rainy day) pick pocketed two of our ladies. She stole wallets and passports of our ladies in front of her and the one to the right. Stealing from the woman in front of her was  easy.  As a distracted manuver, she bumped our lady to her right who responded by moving her purse to other shoulder. By the times she move her purse, we are pretty sure that her wallet was already gone.

What makes this story sadder is the pick-pocketer was another Black women which allow her to blend in with us unnoticed.


Why trying to unravel what happened, one of our other travelers (in the green scarf) mentioned that she saw the pickpocket bump our lady to her right. Another one of our ladies just happen to capture the photo above while shooting about her Paris subway experience.

We did not realize the wallets were gone until outside the subway and ladies noticed that her purse had been opened. Of course, had one us notced what was happening while on the escalator there would have been a pickpocket beat down by all 21 of us. Ladies. 

Tips for safe safeguarding your things while traveling.

1.  NEVER carry your passport on the streets.  Leave it locked in the safe at your hotel and carry photo copy and some form of official goverment ID like a driver's licence or state ID.

2. Never carry an oversized tote.  The are pickepocket magnets.  It is never cluth it tight enough to avoid being a victim of an expert pickpocket.  A cross body bag with inner zipper and flap over the zipper is best.  Always make sure the zipper tab is facing the front of your body.


3.  Pickpocket rarely travel alone. There are normal 2 or 3 stalking you while planning for the idea moment and way to stike.

4. Do not keep all you money and credit cards in one place.  Leave an emergeny card and cash locked away in your hotel room.



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