Look to Your Childhood Dreams to Find Your Passion in Life!"
-Fleacé Weaver, Globalnista

Globanista is a private travel club for fun-loving travelers. As a child, founder Ms. Fleacé Weaver dreamt of traveling to foreign lands. Fleace was nicknamed "Road Runner" because she was never afraid to leave the security of her home to pursue an adventure.


She founded Blackweekly.com, a regional social website that services over 28,000 members in the greater Los Angeles area. In 2006 she combined her childhood fascination with foreign lands with her passion about the issues that impact Black American women and organized "Bella Italia", a whirlwind tour of Northern Italy, for 50 Black women and the rest is history. Following the lead of her members and requests for more destinations, BlackGirlTravel.com, now Globalnista was born.


Globalnista is a private travel club that creates extraordinary experiences for extraordinary women. Our goal is simple... exposing Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women. We create unique customized group tours.  Our tours are developed by "Black Women for Black Women". These tours are designed for mature "young at heart," well-heeled urbanites interested in exploring new lands while indulging in the local culture, international cuisine, retail therapy, and exciting nightlife.


We do not do a regular tour' at Globalnista. We don't take existing tours by other companies and tweak them! Ms. Weaver begins the planning of each tour from scratch with pen, paper, maps, and a vision to maximize the time spent in each country. With her creative flair and "can do" attitude, she has earned a reputation for designing unique travel experiences with the special needs and desires of fun-loving progressive Black women in mind.


So, whether you are a seasoned globe-trotter looking for something different or a newbie seeking the security of a group, we have a tour for you!

Why the name change

When we founded BlackGirlTravel 13 years ago,  NO ONE, and we mean no one, was creating tours solely for Black women.  We know because we searched for help!  Yes, there were companies that were producing tours for mix genders that later followed our lead changed their focus to Black women. They combined all their years in business as "Black women Only", but we are without a doubt the undisputed OGs.


The niche market that we inspired is now saturated and many think we are all the same and we may seem the same because others simply copying our ideas and itineraries instead of being creative in designing their own.     Some profited off-brand confusion by using names our name as part of theirs Even a new "brand" has a bit of "us" in there.  The imitation is flattering to us but confusing to those seeking "the true BGT" experience.  The time has come for us to separate ourselves from all the confusion as we continue to raise the bar.


For the record, we have never been a part of any kind of Black Girl Travel movement, be, cause Black women did not need a movement, we are the trendsetters that others follow.  We have been moving and changing the world for centuries, ever since the first descendants of Lucy stepped foot outside of Ethiopia.

The name BlackGirlTravel no longer fits who we are.  Like our members, we have evolved and glowed up.  We are no longer travelers!  As Globanistas, we are not bounded by one country.  We are Global citizens with hearts and minds that transcend race, geography, and cultural borders.  We see the world not as a background for "I was there selfies" but as an opportunity for cultural immersion and personal growth while sharing with others.  We have released thoughts of nationalistic separation and become one with humanity. Our lives are open to a world where the love of ourselves and with others has limitless possibilities.  


We will always have the BlackGirlTravel girlish creative energy that went into every BGT experience, only now leveled up to reflect our growth.

Welcome to the next level and our new beginning.


Welcome to Globalnista!