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The Tour That Started It All!

The Return of
Bella ITalia

The First  Post-Covid Pandemic

May 21st -29th 2025

History: In 2006, BlackGirlTravel founder, now Globalnista, was deeply touched by all the disheartening stories of black American women that felt neglected or taken for granted due to the disproportionate number of available black men to black women. Adding to the imbalance is that, statistically, around 26% of black men date or marry out, compared to only 12% of black women. While attending a picnic and listening to a woman tearfully share how she felt that the numbers had been weaponized by men to destroy her self-esteem, Ms. Weaver's life was forever changed.


Vision: At that moment, she has decided to do something about the problem. "I never wanted to witness another Black women crying about feeling unlovable", said Weaver. She decided to take women where they could feel good about themselves. Not for the intention of international hook-ups, but in the hope of encouraging them to consider widening their dating pool at home. With a firm vision, Ms. Weaver looked for a travel agency to help breathe life into her dream. Everyone she contacted said it would be impossible to create a tour just for Black women, especially the way she envisioned with multiple cities, focus true cultural experiences and night life.


Sucess: Not to be deterred, she moved forward against the odds.  In September 2006, with a the leap of faith, thirty women mostly from Los Angeles embarked on a journey to Italy. Bella Italia/Black Girl Travel was born and concerns about the numbers became a thing of the past.  Instead of waiting to be picked, more Black women are now traveling the world living their best lives -- unapologetically!

When in Rome ...

After her success, the concept motivated others to create black women-only tours, but Fleace is without doubt the OG of the now viable global niche travel market that she inspired.


While the reason for visiting Italy has evolved as we have, the love for the country's beauty has not. No one can show you Italy like "The Dream Weaver"! Our vespa tours along are legendary (see video on the itinerary page )


Italy is not about blowing your budget on a fancy hotel in one location. It is about savoring moments lost in beauty, food, and, most importantly, the people.  It means visiting different regions to have a broader view of the diversity Italian life is a must. Italy has only been unified as a country for a a little over 150 years. The Florentine are very different from the Romans. There is a huge difference between the Romans and the Napoletani. OMG, the food in Naples! The Caprese on the upscale island of Capri have their own unique culture. We invite you to experience it all.

Oh yes, she still know where the men are.  ;-)


Do not just visit Italy; live Italy!


5 Cities in 4 regions

Things to Know Before Your Go


USA citizens no visa required for visits under 90-days



Best flight deals will departure from New York




Must see sights: St. Peter's Basilica, Pantheon, Trevi fountain,
Vatican City, Ponte Vecchio, and the Island of Capri.

packing Italy2.jpg

Included in Ground Only Package

  • Trip Planning, We did it all for you

  • 4 Star Accommodations  (5 Star Upgrade Available)

  • Five Cities in Four regions

  • Group Hotel Transfers

  • Tranfers Between Cities Above

  • Orientation lunch (meal included)

  • Walking Tours

  • Ladies in Red Vespa Tour

  • Cooking Class

  • Wine Tasting

  • Island of Capri

  • Pretty in Pink Day

  • Postiano/Amalfi Coast

  • Visit to the Vatican

  • Florence/Tuscany

  • Nightlife

  • Hangout with Fleace's Friends

  • Official Bella Tee-shirt

  • ... and More ;)

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