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International Travel Check List & Tips

Hey sis, packing for that first trip abroad and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't sweat it, we have some tips for you.!

First up, let's talk about keeping your gadgets charged. You'll need either an adapter or a converter for those European outlets. If your devices are dual voltage (check the label!), an adapter will do just fine. If not, you'll need a converter to keep from frying your hair dryer or charger.

Now, currency: Euro or Pounds? It depends on your destination! Hitting up Paris or Rome? Bring those Euros, girl. London calling? You'll need Pounds.

Let's chat hair care – because we both know those hotel products aren't made for our fabulous locks. Pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner, or if you want to save space, find a gentle shampoo that can double as a body wash. Trust me, your hair and skin will thank you.

Our cheklist will to help make your trip as smooth as newly pressed edges.


O International travel and health insurance for medical emergencies in case your flights are cancelled or delayed.

O Register your travel plans with the US State Department

O Check with the airline for the destination entry rules.  The airline is the gate keeper and can prevent your travel. These are still uncertain time, do not take anything for granted.

O Passport valid for at least 6 months after your return date with a photocopy 


O Leave an copy  of the tour Itinerary and emergency contact form with contact at home. Always carry a hard copies of both in your purse.


O Your passport should never be carried on the street. You can have hotel to lock it in the safe.


O Carry the photo copy of your passport and an official form of ID like your driver's license in case requested by the police.

O Carry your actual Covid vaccination card.  Not a photo copy or on your phone.

O At least 5 or 6 FFP2/KN95 masks, Not just surgical mask.

O A ziplock bag of Epsom salt to soak tired feet. The struggle will be real! lol

O  Emergen-C or ginseng for an energy boost.  This struggle will be real also.  ;=)

O If you are traveling with medication visit

O Arrive with at least the equivalent of 500 USD  in the currency of your destination country, in case you can't convert your money immediately upon arrival. Ask your bank for small denominations. Getting change can be an issue in some counties even when trying to pay for something.

O Due to limited space on the bus, most tours only allow one medium  size piece of luggage bag per-person.  Many hotels in Europe don't have elevators or bell men. Only bring what "YOU" can carry! Take your luggage on a trial run before you leave! Carry your packed bags on a walk (and up a couple flights of stairs)... then re-think what you can live without. Anyone with more than one bag, may need to arrange for your own ground transportation (including between cities). This is also EXTREMELY important if your tour includes travel by trains.  Many train station have lots of stairs.

O Sweater & Scarf: for cool evening and to cover head or shoulders in churches.

O Comfortable, but nice looking walking shoes.

O Bathing suit and beach towels. Hotel towels are not allowed to leave the property. If packing space is an issue fold it cross your arm at the airport. It also can be used as an extra blanket on colder flights.

O Folding umbrella: because rain happens...  The umbrella can also be used for sun protection.  See this one

O Travel alarm clock: Don't depend on the hotel wake-up call...the bus waits for no one!

O Camera, new battery & extra memory/storage cards: it's cheaper to bring cards and batteries from home. Do not forget chargers, converters and adapters. Adapter is needed for the outlets.   A converter for anything with an engine or heats.


O Small sized Toiletries: Check out for travel sizes of your favorites. Remember shampoo can double as body soap!

O Four or five cheap 99 cent store type wash clothes that you can toss.  In many hotels, the small towels are for the bidet and NOT your face. Even if there are wash clothes, most European travels will use them for their bottoms.  The washing cloth on your face today could have been cleaning someone else's bottom yesterday!

O Glasses and prescription: bring a second pair if you have them; if you wear contacts, also bring your glasses and contact lens prescription.

O Medicine in original bottle: for important medication, also bring a written prescription from your doctor for refills (w/ dosage and generic drug name).  Make sure to check  the destination's forbidden medication list. Carrying forbidden medication even with a prescription could land you in jail.

O Small bottles of cold/diarrhea/motion sickness remedies: also available in around the world but convenient to bring from home.  During summer months we suggest bringing hydration tablets.

O Ziploc bags: another useful take-along.

O Neck Pouch or the Zzzz Band : For flights and daytime bus travel between cites.

O Two ATM card/credit cards: to withdraw local currency in each country; don't forget to bring photocopies with emergency numbers. Should be keep separate, so not to be lost together.

O Travel Hair dryer, curling and or flat iron (if needed): should be dual voltage or a converter not just an adapter will be needed. We always say BRING what you NEED. Do not depend on things in hotels to always work when traveling out side the Untied States.

O Travel Steamer (no irons): should be dual voltage or a converter will be needed

O Plug adapter plus a converter for anything that heats. (curling iron & irons with dual voltage are best). Braun butane curling iron are also great! An extension cord is great for sharing one adapter.

O Plastic door stop: a little extra safety for a woman traveling alone.

O Bonus Extras: Smartphone, GPS device, voice translator. Download Whatsapp and Skype to your phone and Make sure anyone you will be calling back home has the apps also for free international calling over WiFi.

O Broadband cord: even is you have wireless laptop. Some hotels may not have wireless internet or it does not always work. Welcome to life outside of the USA!

O Pack PJs and a change of clothes in your carry-one bag in case your luggage is delayed.

If you have a roommate, discuss sharing items. One can bring the travel iron, the other, the curling iron.

Leaveat home irreplaceable or expensive jewelry.

Add your own items below.






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