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Hair Scare

Every woman knows the challenges packing hair-care products for international travel.  The things we expose our hair to when we travel—dirt, sun, humidity, salt or pool water, dry and recycled airplane air—they’re not exactly hair-friendly, especially for curly girls.  Travel size products, low maintenance hair styles, and  protective hair can reduce tress stress.  Below is a list of hair salons around the world work with curly hair.

Hair Scare

Black Haircare and Beauty Items Abroad




Kriskross Black Hair Studio
Kogelvangerstraat 90
+31 10 4365092


Black Euro Hair
Ossenisseweg 115
+31 10 4814509




Universal Hair Studios
Afro/European hair salon. All stylists qualified. Specialities include extensions, weave-ons, colour and highlights, relaxing and dreadlocks. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken
933 027 007



Salama Afro Ladies Salon
for the Black, Bold & Beautiful
Tel: 04-2733424 or 2719003
Mobile: 050-4603490

Elyazia Beauty Center
offers sophisticated hair services to a discerning clientele with mixed textured curly and afro hair. Tucked away in the Italy section of International City.
Building U2, Shop 6
971 04 4226149




Black Beauty
Via Ginori, 44/r - Firenze
055 289408



African Dream Afro & Call Shop
Färberstr. 50
07721 40 40 33

Afro American Cosmetic Shop
Silberburgstr. 138A
0711 6 15 04 79


Hong Kong
Finding a stylist that is trained to work with black hair is rare in Hong Kong. If you are planning to stay more than OPM (one perm month), you cam email Mandy prior to your visit. She studied at Vidal Sassoon in


Zucoma Hair Design Co. Ltd.
African Salon (Ladies & Men)
Unit B, 9/F, Gold Shine Tower
346-348 Queen's Road Central,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2544 7188 / (852) 9614 6232



Harriet Kassie - Salon
An award winning salon specialising in Afro hair.
Services include Cutting, Colour and Extensions.
+44 20 83455621


Errol Douglas - Salon
18 Motcomb Street
Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8LB
web info

Afro Therapy - Supplies
+44 (0) 845 644 8112


Afro Hair Shop - Supplies
+44 7940 777 513 - Supplies - Supplies





Orea Malià
Via Marghera, 18
+39 02 4694976



New York City


DopDop Salon
170 Mercer (in Soho)
Ask for Melinda Bouldin



Vicoletto Belledome 9
Phone: 09 08 1405 457




Polished Hair Care - Salon
76-78 avenue des Champs Elysées
Phone: 01 43 59 31 48
Read about the Salan

Mark Clement - Salon
53 rue Volta (3e)
Telephone: 01 40 27 03 27



Piazza del Popolo 3
Roma (RM), Italy
+39 06 3600 6284


Black & Blond Di Nada Di Carlo
Via Dei Pamphili, 120/A
00152 Roma (RM), Italy
+39 06 5881874?



Blacknuss Hair´n´Care
Grev Turegatan 44
08 651 1550


Are you a globe traveling sista with a hook-up or information
on hair salon or beauty suppliers in your favorite country. If so, please share the love by emailing

Your Italy Specialist


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