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Stop Acting Your Age!


Act your age!  We all have heard the phase before, as if we all are the same and must adhere to a limiting definition of self that is defined by others.   Often, the phrase is used to discourage behavior that is seen as fun, playful, or out of the ordinary. The outdated concept can stifle joy and spontaneity and be dismissive of Individual life experiences that shape who we are.

Being mature doesn't mean a life devoid of fun or that you've signed away your right to giggle until you can't breathe.  It's having the wisdom to handle your business, while still embracing those moments of pure, unfiltered joy.

The joy derived from spontaneous laughter, playfulness, or just being a bit silly isn't something that should automatically diminish with age.  Research has proven that child-like laughter is good for our overall wellbeing. It can heal the spirt and body.

Spontaneity often leads to trying new things. Stepping out of our comfort zone is where the magic happens. It’s where we find new passions, meet amazing people, and discover parts of ourselves we never knew existed.

Not being bound my age while traveling offers a liberating perspective, especially for those who might feel constantly judged or confined by societal norms, especially my men and/or in the workplace. Traveling is an opportunity to embrace a sense of freedom and adventure, regardless of how many trips you have made around the sun. 

When traveling to foreign lands with the curiosity and wonderment of a child, life becomes exciting again. The world becomes your playground.

Are you ready to let go and spice up your passport with some amazingly fun experiences? I’m talking about those laugh-till-you-cry, dance-like-no-one’s-watching, live-your-best-life kind of moments.


Picture yourself dancing barefoot in the sand of Morocco’s Sahara Desert  to tribal Saharawis music with  a star-filled sky as the backdrop.

Channel Audrey Hepburn and zip through Rome on a Vespa. Wind in your hair, sun on your face, and the Eternal City buzzing around every corner.

Play dress-up in Japan and learn the irresistible delicatecharacteristics of a geisha.


Learn  the latest african dance moves children in Kenya

Gleefully swing over tropical greenery and waterfall in Bali or dive into a bathtub filled with hundreds colorful and fragrant flowers.

Have a playful snowball fight while snow skiing in Dubai, and later sunbath on the Persian Gulf

Embrace your fun side, your spontaneous side, your wonderfully whimsical side – because that, my fabulous sisterfriend, is the essence of living a balanced and ageless life

Ready to pack your bags and leave your "serious" hat at home and work? Let's make some ridiculously happy memories around the world together. Remember, the world is the best playground, and it’s time for recess!

Dive into our fun experiences  at


Your Italy
& Dubai



Have you noticed that most tour groups post photos of the same activities in Dubai? Dubai offers much more than what can be found on the typical tourist path. There is rich history and local culture waiting to be explored.


Italy is a country of many beautiful layers that are not often truly appreciated from the surface. We have the knowledge and expertise to take you deeper into the culture beyond food and historical sights. 

With Globalnista, you do not simply visit Dubai and Italy, you LIVE THEM!  

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