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A QUEEN'S landing
By Nikki Blanchard

After feeling completely burnt out at work, I was in dire need of a vacation.  After an exhaustive internet search, I stumbled upon BlackGirlTravel/Globalnista and was excited to find two of my bucket list destinations Croatia and Montenegro was being offered as a newly announced small group pop-up tour that was departing within the next 30 days.  As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I was excited about the possibility of treading cobblestone streets while visiting some of the production sites like the "Walk of Shame" steps, the House of the Undying and "Red Keep".


I sent my email and was soon connected with Fleace, who instantly felt like an old friend. During the conversation, I was given the greenlight to book, but we continue talking as if we had known each other for years. Next, was convining my loving and protective husband that I would be safe traveling with a group of strangers. Fleace helped me get my permission slip signed (lol) by reassuring him that I would be in good hands. Croatia here I come!


From the moment I touched down in Dubrovnik, it felt like being with family.  Every aspect of the trip was planned perfectly from accommodations, transportation, restaurants, tours, and night life.  It was literally the trip of a lifetime and I have never laughed so much with a group of people who I just met. 


Two hightlights of the tour was the intimate cooking class at a family home in Montenegro and the Game of Thrones tour that included me reenacting a death scene with one of the other ladies. It was so much fun!



I adore my new travel family (despite the assassination attempt lol) and have remained in contact with them.  I am still in awe of how well planned and perfect everything was.  For all of the married ladies… this trip was husband approved so please don’t think these experiences are only for single ladies.


I am looking forward to continuing my Globalnista Travels and can’t wait to book my next adventure.

See photos of all the fun. 

Your Italy
& Dubai



Have you noticed that most tour groups post photos of the same activities in Dubai? Dubai offers much more than what can be found on the typical tourist path. There is rich history and local culture waiting to be explored.


Italy is a country of many beautiful layers that are not often truly appreciated from the surface. We have the knowledge and expertise to take you deeper into the culture beyond food and historical sights. 

With Globalnista, you do not simply visit Dubai and Italy, you LIVE THEM!  

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