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The OGs In African American Female Group Travel Experiences
Encouraging black women since 2006


The Globalux Society

For those that want more!

By request of members that want the fun, non-cookie cutter uniqueness of our planned experiences, but desire smaller group size, upgraded hotels, high-end restaurants, exclusive events, and personalized services, including pre-travel support.

In 2024, we are moving the Venice Carnevale experince to The Globalux Society, our private premium level of Globalnista, for those that want more.



Where the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur in masked uninhibited merriment.

The OGs In African American Female Group Travel Experiences
Encouraging black women since 2006


Once a year, Venice, the city built on water, transforms into a giant costume party. The celebration is a visual feast as you journey back to 18th-century Venice, where the rich and famous (and infamous) donned masks and costumes to hide their social status while participating in decadent, hedonistic pleasures.

Our first two Carnevale tours, the rented dresses from smaller, less known designers. The dresses were beautiful but in 2023, we took it to the next level with dress rentals from Venetian born costume designer and luxury events planner, Antonia Sautter.  Ms Sautter  who is the create force of the most sumptuous and exclusive masquerade balls of the Carnival of Venice and of the world.  The dresses were exquisitely handsome of luxurious fabric and details.  Link to photo and videos from 2023 below.


Once you experience this level of luxury in a party, there is no turning back!  Only the next level is a possibility

We announce that Globalnista Venice Carnevale is now under our GlobaLux brand.   Also, we great pleasure and excitement, we announce that Antonia Sautter's designs and ball will be the official GlobaLux experiences for Venice Carnevale 2024.  To mantain exclusivity,  this escapade will be limited to only six participants.

New Arrivals
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The Magic Begins!




Day 1 - USA Departure Day - January 31st, 2024


Depart the USA to arrive in Venice Marco Polo Airport at noon on Thursday, February 1st. Book your own flights or plan to fly from JFK with the other ladies. Your departure will be from Florence on February 9th.


Nothing can prepare you for that first sight of the impressive floating city of 118 small islands built upon wooden platforms, supported by long pointed poles of oak, larch or pine wood and driven into the clay floor of the Adriatic sea.

Day 2 - Thursday, February 1st: Upon your arrival to Venice, you will be met by Fleace for the 1 PM transfer from the airport by private boat. You will leave the Adriatic and head for the Grand Canal, lined with stately palaces and immense cathedrals that will exalt your senses. After check-in and a quick change, head out for your Carnevale orientation/arrival lunch. After lunch, you will have a guided insiders tour by foot.

Return to the hotel for some post flight R&R before climbing aboard a traditional Venetian galleon ( large boat) and experiencing the floating parties of the year.  The Venetian Galleon is a unique vessel constructed following the design of the Serenissima Republic between XIV and XVII centuries. Bring a costume from home.  Have fun creating your own Renaissance look. Nothing is too over the top!

Day 3 - Friday, February 2nd: After Breakfast, it is time for you fitting for the Carnevale ball costume. The compulsory dress code for the Venice Carnival Ball is full period costume. Therefore, evening dresses/gowns and tuxedos are not allowed. In the Antonia Sautter Atelier, you can choose from over 1,500 handmade unique made in Venice period costumes.  The costumes can be altered to fit all sizes. They are truly fit for your inner queen. Rental prices start at 550 euro and increase depending on how extravagant your fantasy. No Carnevale costume is complete without the right mask. After  your fitting, you will visit the most famous Venetian mask maker to shop for the perfect mask for your costume and alter ego. Why not get a secondary mask for the Carnevale drinks in the evening?

Day 4 - Saturday, February 3rd: After a night of drinking, sleep in for the morning, only waking up for breakfast. At noon, dressed in your Antonia Sautter original, all eyes will be on you as we will take to the streets to particpant in parade of costumes. The celebration will include what is considered one of the most anticipated events of the Carnival. The Flight of the Angel which is the official opening of the celebrations of St. Mark's Square. The Angel of the Carnival 2024 will take the historic solo (flight) from St Mark's Bell Tower.  Everywhere, on-lookers will want pictures of and with you.  Be ready for the attention!


This is the night that makes dreams come true by witnessing and fulfilling fantasy. You will have 2 ball packages to choose from estimated between 550 and1500 euro. It is not simply a dinner. It's an exclusive experience where the pleasured of palate and party come together. To be or not to be behind the mask? That is the question. The answer is ... be whoever or whatever you desire. The 2 ball choices will be sent to you by email with links to purchase your ticket.


Of course, you do not have to participate in any of the Balls. Evening suggestions will be given to those not attending a Ball for the evening.

Day 5 - Sunday, February 4th: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Early afteroon, travel by train to Verona. Time has been particularly generous to Verona. Its walls are among the best preserved in all of Europe and allow you to see “an excellent example of a fortified city.” With these words, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Due to its importance in northern Italy, Verona was called “little Rome” (Piccola Roma) in the Roman Empire—probably one of the reasons for the impressive Roman amphitheater in the city. You will spend the day wandering the well-preserved medieval streets while visiting sights including the Arena di Verona, which dates to 30 A.D, the Palazzi Scaligeri, a brick palace erected to accommodate the medieval rulers of Verona, the Scaliger Family, and Juliet’s House. You will stand under Juliet's balcony from where she ached for her beloved Romeo. Touching the right breast of Juliet’s statue will bring you good luck in love.

Day 6 - Monday, February 5th: The morning is yours to explore Venice.  Why not enjoy a gondola ride, or shop for murano glass, or just sit in a square sipping a cafe while savoring your last moments the magical floating city.  Late afternoon, you are off to Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance.  Enjoy an evening at two of Fleace's favorite place for drinks and dinner.

Day 7- Tuesday, February 6th: Start your day with a walking tour of Florence, where you will see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, and Porcellino, the legendary bronze fountain of a boar. Rubbing his nose ensures your return to Florence. No trip to Florence is complete without wine and leather shopping. Follow Fleace to some of her favorite wine bars and smaller boutiques for unique pieces and vintage gems.

Day 8 - Wednesday, February 7th: Today we will head to Pisa, home of the famous leaning tower in piazza dei Miracles (Square of Miracles), the Duomo (the Cathedral), the Baptistery and the Campo Santo (the monumental cemetery).

Day 9 - Thursday, February 8th:Today is your free day.  If you are a foodie follow Fleace for an optional relaxing day in food and wine in Bologna, one of the culinary cities of Italy. Bologna ranks toward the top of the most food-obsessed cities in the world.  

Day 10 - Friday, February 9th: Transfer to the Florence airport at 4:00am. If you flight is later, you can take a taxi and we can help arrange for a private car service.  If you would like to spend more time in Florence, store you luggage at the train station and take a later afternoon or evening flight.  If you would like to continue on to Rome for Friday and Saturday, we can help with arrangements.


4 Star Hotel
Ground Package $3
Per-Person Based on Double Occupancy / Single add $1950

(No travel buddy? No problem! A roommate can be assigned)


Ground Package Includes
Group airport transfers (to arrive in Venice Marco Polo Airport 11:00 am on the Feburay 1st, welcome lunch, accommodations, walking tours, museum visit, boat party, visit to designer outlet center, day trips to Pisa and Verona along with a few Globalnista surprises along the way. Group transfer on departure 4am.  What to spent extra time in Florence? By request, you can store your luggage at the hotel for a later departure and transfer on your your own by taxi or tram.


$699 deposit

Monthly payment plan available
for a one-time $49 set-up and processing fee.

Everyone on the monthly payment plan must
be paid in full 90 days prior to departure.

Early sign-up savings of $124
$75 discount and no $49 payment plan fee
with payment of half the



Flight Assistance starting in October

Pictures from our Venice 2023

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Prices are quoted as of February 20, 2023 exchange rate and
are subject to change if the euro increases 2% or mores


*if flights are added, fuel charges are included in price and
subject to change by the airline until paid in full

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