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Fleace Weaver, the pioneer in international group travel for African-group travel is known for her nothing is impossible spirit and as an advocate for Black women living enriched lives. She founded the private BlackGirlTravel club (now Globalnista) and Bella Italia in 2006.  Her vision was to encouraging Black women to explore the world and expand their world of possibilities through international travel. Her personality is often described as dynamic, passionate, and inspiring due to her commitment to creating spaces for Black women, often focusing on countries where they are not typically marketed to as tourists or expats.

Weaver is recognized for challenging stereotypes and for her role in promoting diversity in the travel industry. Her contributions to her community extend beyond travel. By fostering a sense of global citizenship and sisterhood, she has helped her members gain confidence and create meaningful connections across the globe. There has also been a few international/intercultural marriages along the way.

With a personal philosophies that revolve around empowerment, self-love, and the transformative power of travel, she has help individuals to step outside their comfort zones, dispel stereotypes, and forge new narratives about themselves and the world.


She also champion economic independence and entrepreneurship as pathways for Black women to gain control over their lives and destinies. By encouraging her members to see themselves as global citizens and powerful consumers, she is effectively pushing for a more inclusive representation within the travel industry.

People are drawn to Weaver because of her role as a pioneer and motivator. She is loved for several reasons:

  1. Empowerment: Her work empowers Black women to travel, see the world, and claim spaces that may not have been traditionally welcoming to them.

  2. Community Building: She creates communities where there were few, offering spaces for Black women to connect, share experiences, and support each other.

  1. Inspiration: Weaver serves as an inspiration by showing what is possible when one combines passion with a dream of helping others.

  2. Representation: She provides a platform for representation in international travel, breaking down racial and cultural barriers.

  3. Positivity: Her positive and adventurous spirit, along with the success of her initiatives, encourages others to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

  4. Transformation: She promotes travel not just as a leisure activity, but as a transformative experience that can change perspectives, build confidence, and encourage self-discovery.


Her personality, vision, and the tangible impact of her work make her a beloved figure among those who follow her and participate in her travel initiatives.

Her leadership is marked by her innovation in creating unique travel experiences tailored for Black women, addressing a gap in the market, and pioneering new paths for inclusivity in international travel.


Fleace Weaver:
Travel Advocate

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