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Book your flight to arrive in Melbourne Airport (MEL), colloquially known as Tullamarine Airport by  11 am on Thursday, Januarly 30th.  Flight suggestions will be sent in April


Welcome to Australia

Thursday, Jan. 30th : The group transfer departs the airport at 12:30 p.m. On arrival, store your luggage and join the meet-and-greet orientation lunch. After lunch (included), check in and relax from your flight. You will be close to all of the best shopping, street art, some of Melbourne’s most famous sights, and amazing restaurants.

Early in the evening, enjoy a neighborhood orientation walking tour. The tree-lined streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District may be laid out on a grid, but there’s much more than meets the eye behind the façades of stunning heritage buildings. Sights will include the stunning neo-Gothic St. Paul’s Cathedral, the cultural hub of Federation Square. After the tour, learn more about your travel companions over drinks and dinner.

Hosier Lane.jpeg

In Living Color

Friday, Jan. 31st : Have fun today, connecting with your inner artist by dressing colorful and over-the-top yet stylish. Think Iris Apfel!  Start the day with a fresh cup of Melbourne’s famous coffee from a café in the narrow Degraves streets. It isn’t an exaggeration to say the coffee really is some of the best in the world, and Melbourne’s large Italian community goes a long way towards ensuring it keeps its reputation. Try local delicacies and fresh produce at the historic Queen Victoria Market, then head across the bridge to the Southbank to the Art District. Admire the ever-changing, colorful murals. Melbourne is famous for its street art, and Hosier Lane is one of the most vibrant and ever-changing locations for street art and graffiti (another Italian contribution). Hosier Lane is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and photographers; it is also the perfect backdrop for your colorful outfits. There will be a great prize for the best outfit and photo combination. In the evening, get ready for fun! You know, we always do something different.



Saturday, February 1st : Today we will begin our Birtdahy celebration for our Global Platinum member, the one and only Lori Carden. After 22 tours with us in 8 years, Lori is known and loved by many of our members. She gives so much to others that we wanted to surprise her with this tour built around her birthday. SURPIRSE LORI! This one is for you!


Lori unpretentiously loves the finer things in life, and this will be a Lori-fied day.

The day will start with the luxury of sleeping in. Midday, dressed in feminine white dress attire, enjoy the sizzle of an incredible brunch at the ultra-luxurious Conservatory in the Crown Tower hotel.


After brunch, the day heats up!


Grab your designer bag and head to the epitome of sophistication, the prestigious Paris End of Melbourne's famous Collins Street. Whether you're a fashionista or just love window-shopping, this area is the perfect place to indulge. From high-end couture to unique streetwear, Paris End has it.

Later in the evening, dress in Fire Engine Red for a blazing hot night on the town with the birthday girl(s).


The Hair of the Dog The Party Continues

Sunday, February 2nd : It's Sunday, and it seems only fitting that the day be wine. Australian wines are gems in a bottle. From the bold Barossa Valley Shiraz to the elegant Chardonnays of Margaret, there's something for everyone. Experience a wine party with laughter and a few twists.

NATURAL copy.jpg

Nature Calls

Monday, February 3rd : No trip to Australia is complete without a trip into nature. Late morning, leave the city to visit a koala and kangaroo sanctuary. Along the way, soak in the breathtaking Australian landscape. Kangaroos are a symbol of Australia. They’re unique to the continent. Australia has more kangaroos than people, with an estimated population of over 50 million! Koalas, often mistakenly called koala bears, are not bears. Koalas, like kangaroos, are marsupials. They are furry cousins. You will have the opportunity to interact with these adorable creatures.

The Ultimate Luxury Flex

Flying to see the Opera



Tuesday, February 4th :   While ascending to the pinnacle of your career, you have developed an appreciation for the finer things in life. Your financial prowess isn't just about accumulating wealth; it's about embracing a lifestyle that signifies your elevation.


Fly to Sydney this morning for the opera or symphony that the 2025 Opera House schedule will determine.


The Sydney Opera House, the most instantly recognizable building in the country, is a landmark for Australian ambiguity. The architectural marvel, with its famous curves covered in more than a million bright white ceramic tiles, was initially placed in the reject pile. "From sea level on the harbor, its giant shells look like billowing spinnakers. From directly across the water, they remind me of the bonnets of nuns. In profile, they've been likened to boat sails or oyster shells.


Interesting fact: Paul Robeson was the first person to perform at the Sydney Opera House. In 1960, he climbed the scaffolding and sang Ol' Man River to the construction workers.

On arrival, enjoy a city tour before heading to your accommodations to dress in a black dress and pearls for an elegant evening, starting with dinner under the shells.

inside opera house.jpg

Experience an epitome of luxury and refinement


After dinner, continue to the performance for the evening.

Classical music has the power to convey a wide range of emotions, from joy to sadness. It's like a musical journey that speaks to the soul, even without words. A single note can bring you to tears. Imagine a painting with intricate details and layers of color, or a finely crafted piece of jewelry with exquisite gemstones. Classical music is just like that, but in the form of sound.


Attending the opera or symphony has historically been associated with elegance, a symbol of cultural sophistication and social status. An appreciation for classical music is a timeless association with class and refinement. Attending a performance is an exceptional environment for networking with your fellow high-achievers. The breaks are like VIP parties for the who's who.


Tonight, you will not just be an attendee; you will be a patron of the arts. After the performance, enjoy a drink at another prestige location.



Wednesday, February 5th :  Afternoon tea, not to be confused with high tea,.

Tea time dates back to England in the 17th century;. Primarily, tea was a luxury beverage for the aristocracy. Initially, it was consumed in small, private gatherings among the upper classes.


This afternoon, tea time will be taken to another level—well, to a boat. Dress in a flowing sundress and cruise the Sydney harbor, taking in the sights of the city. Expect a sensory delight, engaging your senses with the aroma of freshly brewed tea, the delicate textures of pastries, and, of course, Australian bubbly.

The remainder of the day is yours to explore Sydney before farewell drinks somewhere increditable.


HoooRoo Goobye

Thursday, February 6th :  Depart for home or somewhere else in the world.

Depart for home or somewhere else in the world.

After hugs of admiration for your shared time together, transfer to the airport for your flight.
The group transfer time will be based on the flight suggestions.




Australia 2025


4/5 Star Ground Package 

Per-Person based on Double Occupancy

Single Room Supplement: Add $1863


No travel buddy? No problem!
A roommate can be assigned.

Gound-Only Package Includes:
Trip planning, group airport/hotel transfers, accommodations, group airport transfers,orientation lunch, walking tours, Afternoon Tea boat ride, operas or symphony, ladies in white brunch, wine tasting, kangaroo and koala sanctuary  and nightlife,


Monthly payment plan available for
a one time $69 set-up & processing fee.


$799 Deposit Required
with monthly payments

Early Sign-up savings of $175

($106 discount and no $69 processing fee)
with payment of 1/2 the package price
by Feburary 10th, 2024


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