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WineHeaux - Italy & Switzerland

 August 22nd to 30th


After our successful 2021 and 2022 tours, 
are excited to announce
WineHeaux 2023

See pictures and videos from 2021, 2022.

A WineHeaux is person male or female that will do anything or travel anywhere for a great glass of wine.  They understand that everything, food, love, life, sex, happiness, and even sadness is better with wine. 

"In vino veritas - In wine there is truth." 

- Pliny the Elder

Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher





Swirl, Sip, Swallow!

A wine connoisseur (oenophile) and a WineHeaux, is there really a difference? We think not!



From quaint tiny villages, family villas, castles transformed in estates, Italy is  the world's largest producer of wine.  With more than 350 official wine varieties and 20 different wine-producing regions, the world of Italian wine is a wine lovers paradise. We have the connections and clout to get the tours of legendary estates, often from family members whose names are on the bottles.


A great glass of wine should be slowly sipped to truly enjoy every essence of the experience.  We feel the same about WineHeaux tours, they are meant to be savored and not rushed.

We know, in American culture, one does not look kindly on ‘slowly.’ Nor does it honor slowing down, even for a moment. Many live by the old saying, that "if you slow down you will get run over."  In Italy and specifically the wine regions there is a belief in “il dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing), not in not doing anything at all, but in slowing down to smell the roses or in this case to smell the wine.  Just in case you are wondering, do not confuse a slower pace with stuffy or a lack of fun.  What could be more fun than drinking your way through Italy, the Fleace Weaver and Globalnista way.  Which is non-stop fun!


Day 1 - USA:  Depart the  USA on August 22nd. Book your flight to arrive in Torino (Turin) TRN airport, Italy by 12 noon, August 23rd.  If you prefer to fly into Milan by 9 am, we can arrange for a private car transfer to Torino (not included).

Get ready to drink and repeat.   What happens on WineHeaux stays locked in the bottle!


Torino (Turin in English), as known as the Little Paris  is surrounded by the Alps is the capital of the Piemonte wine region in northern Italy. In 1848 the city  led the first War of Independence, laying the Italian nation's foundations. Hence, it is said that Italy was born in Torino.  Its stunning palazzi still retain the grandeur of the city’s royal past, when the House of Savoy ruled and Victor Emmanuel II became the first king of Italy (little known fact: Turin was Italy's first capital)


Torino is also home of the Holy Turin Shroud, a sheet of yellow linen and herringbone fabric with the impression inverted image of a man body that was tortured and then killed by crucifixion. Tradition dictates that this was the sheet used to cover Jesus in his tomb.  The region is also is well-known for its prized white and black truffles, hazelnuts, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Fiat, savory rich food, and of course, famous wines. 

Day 2,  August 23rd: Torino


Upon your arrival in Torino on the 5th, you will be met by Fleace's assistant for the group transfer at 1:00 pm.  You will have some time to change and relax after your flight before heading out for an early evening walking tour of Torino, including an wine and culinary stops.  

Day 3, August 24th: Piemonte Wine Tastings


Early morning your will be off to the Piemonte (meaning: at the foot of the mountain) countryside.  Red wines reign supreme in Italy’s Piedmont region. The region's primary grape varieties are Barbera (31%), Moscato (22%), Dolcetto (13%), and Nebbiolo (10%).  Piedmont’s claim to wine fame is the Nebbiolo grape, a noble red variety that produces great wine only in northwestern Italy. The proof of Nebbiolo’s nobility is its wines: Barolo and Barbaresco are two of the world’s great red wines. Barolo is often called Italy’s “King of Wine and Wine of Kings.” Many claim it’s Italy’s best wine. Sixty to 70 percent of Piedmont wine production is red, but then then there’s the Piedmont Moscato. A Moscato is a sweet wine famous for its flavors of peaches and orange blossom. It’s one of the oldest grape varieties in the world.  You will visit two private WineHeaux tastings and interactions with the wine makers and their families.  Return to Torino for some R&R before heading out for a late night dinner under the stars.

Day 4, August 25th - Milan


The fashion capital of Europe and banking capital of Italy, Milan oozes sophistication. With thousands of bars and restaurants and a wine offering that is among Italy’s most vast and international, Milan has always been a stop for wine connoissueur and lovers.  The metropolis holds the 4th position worldwide and the 1st in Italy for wine consumption, and 2,5% of Italians’ yearly expenditure on wine takes place here. Your day will include sightseeing, fashion time to shop in the fashion capital, a special wine experince, and join Fleace's friends at a hip deisgner location for a glass of Franciacorta during an Italy Aperitivo (or apéritif), similar to happy hour, but much more. Franciacorta which is known as the “Champagne of Italy”, because it is produced in the “Metodo Classico” (or the “Traditional Method”) the same way Champagne is made in France.

Day 5, August 26th: Lugano, Switzerland


Early morning you will travel by train to Lugano, in the Ticino region of Switzerland.  Nicknamed the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” and one of the most  expensive and important financial districts, there’s a lot of money in Lugano, and it shows.  The old center is a delight to explore, and is filled with Renaissance and Baroque churches, squares, restaurants, shops, and  places to pause fans sip swiss wine and people watch.  


Switzerland may not be the most famous of wine-producing nations, but this small, mountainous country in western Europe has been making wine for more than two thousand years. Swiss wine's lack of fame is not due to any lack of quality or quantity, but because it is produced mostly for (and consumed happily by) the Swiss themselves. Things are gradually changing however; the world beyond the Alps is now discovering the high quality of much Swiss Pinot Noir, and white wines made from the national flagship grape, Chasselas.  Your will have a city tour by train, dinner and wine tasting of hard to fine wines at a notable wine bar.

Day 6, August 27th: Lugano, Switzerland

The day will start with a boat ride on Lake Lugano, with its stunning views.  You will have lunch in one of the pictursue tiny villages.  Return to the city center for free time to explore before departing by train for Florence.

Day 7, August 28th: Florence


Florence, is the capital city of Tuscany, is Italy's most famous wine region.  Florence is universally recognized for art and architecture is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Its historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and cradle of  Italian Renaissance.  Master painters, writers, sculptors, and architects, such as Leonardo Da Vinci,  Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli, and Niccolò Machiavelli, have left their mark on the small but historically formidable city.  To truly understand Florence one has to experience it through the eyes of a passionate local and we will add a Florence loving expat.  The two will weave history and story telling together to give you two distinctly different perspectives of the city and culture, the old and the new.  Beneath the touristic Florence is the beating heart of the Florentini (citizens of Florence), you can recognize them by their aristocratic air of sophistication that has been passed down for generations.  For them quality is always over quantity, in all things, including people  

Depart Switzerland early morning for Florence. After check-in  you will have a special city walking tour with stops at many of Fleace's favorite places for wine and conversations.  You will have insider access with a day filled history, glamour and hidden treasuresExpect the unexpected!

Day 8, August 29th: - Tuscan Countryside


With over more than 157,000 acres  of vineyards throughout Tuscany, it produces almost 7.3 billion ounces of wine every year, with Chianti being the famous produced.  The Gallo Nero (Black Rooster or Black Cock )  is the symbol of Chianti and it represents Chianti Classico wine.  This alone make Tuscany the perfect place for a WineHeaux looking to whet her .... ahhhh .... palate! :)


 Tuscany produces more than 30 DOC wines and half a dozen DOCG wines. The most well-known and distinguishable varieties of grapes that grow in the region are the noble Sangiovese and Vernaccia. Sangiovese, a red grape, is the main varietal used in the production of Chianti, and Vernaccia, a white grape, is responsible for giving the region its first Denomination of Origin. Another notable white is the Trebbiano grape, used to make Vin Santo, the "holy wine". Other grapes grown in Tuscany are , Canaiolo, Ciligiolo, Masseretta, Mammolo, Malvasia, Moscadella and Vermentino. Tuscany reputation for great wine makes sense., after all, they've had 3,000 years to perfect it.  The day will be fill with visit tiny villages, a small winey, a family own winery in a massive villa and scenic  historical stop long the way.  You will have the opportunity to purchase wine to be shipped home. 

Day 9, August 30th: - Free Day  and Departure


No trip to Italy is complete without free time to shop!


Recently dubbed the world’s fifth fashion capital behind New York, Paris, London and Milan, Florence is now a mecca for the international style set thanks to the arrival of young designers and new concept stores that are popping up across the Tuscan capital.  Innovative boutiques, bespoke clothing stores and artisanal shoemakers have now taken over the city’s medieval streets alongside legendary brands such as Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.  You will have the insider's tips on the best shops and local designers


In the evening, say goodbye to your new sisters in wine, as you stagger to the airport trying to remember the events of the days spent in Italy and switzerland. Group airport transfer at 7:00 pm


If you are are not quite ready for the drinking to stop, why not continue on to Rome or Venice for two nights, self-guided. We can help with theplanning.  Do not worry, by the end of the tour, you will be comfortable moving around italy. 


WineHeaux Italy
August 22nd to 30th

3/4 Star Ground Package 
Per-Person Based on Double Occupancy

Single Room Supplement add $896


No travel buddy? No problem!
A roommate can be assigned 

Ground Package Include:
Group airport/hotel transfers, accommodations, orientation meal, wine
tastings and cultural tours,
and, mixer, parties ... and MORE!



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