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Globalnista Announces Carnevale di Venezia 2022,

The Return Of Its Travel Experiences To Italy,

Freshly-Inspired By Neflix’s Hit Series, Bridgerton



{Los Angeles, CA} – Globalnista is announcing Carnevale di Venezia 2022, the return of its travel experiences to Italy, freshly-inspired by Queen Charlotte of Neflix’s hit series, “Bridgerton,” in February 2022.


Globalnista’s Founder, Fleace Weaver, says this announcement of the third annual Carnevale tour comes in anticipation of international travel picking up in late Spring 2021 in the wake of tighter pre-flight COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution worldwide. Weaver describes Carnevale as an exclusive, artfully-crafted international tour and real-life Bridgerton experience centered on the awareness that royalty transcends race.


From February 16th - 25th, 2022, African-American women will enjoy an over-the-top celebration at the famous Venice Carnevale. “We are transforming our ladies into elegant queens,” Weaver says, “With elaborate reproductions of historic costumes handmade in Venice at an Atelier, complete with dramatically-embellished high wigs.”


The annual Carnevale di Venezia is a visual feast, re-creating the grandeur of 18th century Venice. “From the first steps outside of their hotel rooms in exquisite crowns and gowns, all eyes and cameras will focus on the rarity of seeing Black women dressed as European royalty, as we whisk the ladies away to various locations, lavish events, and a private ball,” Weaver says.


The Netflix series, “Bridgeton,” produced by Shonda Rhimes, gives life to the suppressed, controversial whisperings surrounding Queen Charlotte, the first queen of England with a dark-skinned, African-born parent.


Weaver has championed this true narrative for more than a decade. “It’s important for Black women know they have the possibility to be queens anywhere and everywhere, not just in Africa,” she says, “The entire idea of Black women being queens constitutes a stark difference from the reality that Black women have never been acknowledged or celebrated this way in European aristocratic society. With the awareness of Queen Charlotte and their experiences at Venice Carnevale, many of our ladies return home with a greater sense of social equality and pride. The time spent in Venice is more than fantasy or escapism. Life perspectives are changed for the better.”


Not only will tour participants experience Venice, but also they will stop in Florence, the birthplace of the Italian renaissance, as well as Verona, the city in the center of Shakespeare’s, “Romeo and Juliet.”


Formerly,, Globalnista is distinguished as the first organization of its kind to specialize in international group travel experiences for African-American women. Globalnista transcends geography and social borders as they challenge antiquated belief systems and seek understanding with other cultures, by connecting globally through innate commonality and existence.


Media Contact: Nicole Peace

Company: Globalnista

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Phone: 323.275.4888

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