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The Ultimate Bling


Birthdays – whether based on numbers or simply in its significance – beginning another rotation around the sun is always cause for celebration!


Springing up from the Arabian desert and built on the philosophy of excellence and that nothing is impossible, Dubai has blinged its way to being voted the best of the best of vacation destinations. 


The world meets in Dubai! With a population of 85% expatriates, the city is a delectable mixed-salad of people, culture, and cuisine. It is a city of superlatives — biggest, brashest, fastest, and highest.  With its dizzying architecture, man-made islands, wide range of activities, swanky hotels, private villas, incredible nightlife, opulent spas, and mega-shopping, Dubai has it all for a magical birthday experience!

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Things to Know Before Your Go


USA citizens require a Subclass 601 Eletronic Travel Authority



Best flight deal will depart from the Los Angeles




Must see sights: Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, and any of the many beaches.

Included in Ground Only Package

  • Trip Planning, We did it all for you

  • 4/5 Star Accommodations

  • Group Hotel Transfers

  • Orination lunch (meal included)

  • Walking Tours

  • In Living Clor Tour and Contest

  • Ladies in White Brunch (meal included)

  • Wine Tasting

  • Kangaroo and Koala sanctuary

  • Black and Pearls Night at the Opera House

  • Opera or Symphony tea

  • Tea-N-Sea Afternoon Tea

  • Night Life

  • ... and More ;)

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