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The Globalux Society

For those that want more!

By request of members that want the fun, non-cookie cutter uniqueness of our planned experiences, but desire smaller group size, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, exclusive events, and personalized services, including pre-travel support.

We introduce, Côte d'Azur, our first offering of The Globalux Society, a private premium level of Globalnista.



Luxury Without Snobbery

Luxury and pretentiousness are like gin and tonic; often found together, yet very different.







Côte d'Azur
The French Riviera

May 31th to June 8th 2022

Luxury is subjective.
True luxury is not about putting on airs or showing off.
Conversely, it's the acquisition of beautiful things.
Particularly for entrepreneurs and mothers, it's the chance to
step away from a demanding life for "me time" with a trusted
resource plan. For ambitious women, uniqueness and exclusivity reward their labor.

For the women of The Globalux Society, luxury is part of daily life.

They seek travel experiences that match their lifestyle. 

The Côte d’Azur is synonymous with wealth. The millionaires’ playground is nestled between a breathtaking rocky coastline and a shimmering sea dotted with whitewashed yachts. 


In Monaco, it does not take much effort  to bump into a millionaire. There are 12,000 of them in less than one square mile.  The small country is also home to a few billionaires, such as Stefano Pessina, whose net worth is $11.2B, and Lily Safra, who has attained a considerable amount of her $1.3B through four marriages.  Safra is a woman that obviously knows how to marry well and divorce better! Her last husband, multi-billionaire banker Edmond J. Safra, died in 2020 under mysterious circumstances.

Saint-Tropez's sparkling white beaches are the go-to spots for chic jet setters. As one of the most expensive destinations in France, the coastal town is frequented by the wealthy. From spring until late fall, yacht owners that love the Mediterranean moor their boats at the St. Tropez port.

Nice, the second-largest city of France and the largest on the Côte d’Azur, is considered a cultural capital, with its small and winding streets lined with cafes with the nostalgic feel of French paintings and postcards. Nice really is the most dynamic city in the region. 


Monte Carlo needs no introduction. Get lucky by channeling your inner Bond Girl at Casino de Monte-Carlo, walking like royalty in the old town of Monaco atop “Le Rocher” (the Rock), and exploring the grounds of the official residence of the Prince and Princess of Monaco. Cannes, the home of the world-famous Cannes film festival, the biggest film festival in the world, oozes glamor and glitz with fashion boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and VIP nightlife.


The Globalux Society


Day 1 - May 31st - Departure: Travel from the US to Nice, France


Book your flight to arrive in Nice no later than 10:00 AM on June 1st. Flight suggestions will be sent in December.

Day 2 - June 1st - Saint-Tropez: Welcome to the  Côte d'Azur!


Upon arrival to Nice, you will be transferred from the airport to Saint-Tropez


There is just something about this place that Matisse once called France’s “little nook of paradise.” Maybe it’s the breathtaking bougainvillea-laced coastal town. Maybe it’s the immaculately stylish jet-set crowd. Maybe it’s the rhythm of the village that balances casual chic with ultimate elegance. Maybe it’s that everything about Saint-Tropez seems to epitomize indulgence in the best way.

After check-in and time to leisurely unwind from your international flight, you will enjoy an escorted tour, followed by happy hour and dinner.

Day 3 - June 2nd - Saint-Tropez: Wine Tasting


In France, a glass of wine is a must. The vineyards in Saint-Tropez border the Mediterranean sea, which gives the wine a distinctive flavor. This region is famous for its rosé wine, although there are also excellent reds and whites. During a private wine tour of the countryside, learn the history of the winery and secrets of the production techniques that create best local wines. In the evening, mix and mingle in the town, as the boats dock at the port for the long weekend of activities.


Day 4 - June 3rd -St Tropez & Grasse: Perfume Workshop


For over 400 years, Grasse has been considered the world’s capital of perfume. North of Cannes, the hilltop village is the home of the Musée International de la Parfumerie. Visit the traditional laboratory and the “conditioning” room where the origins of perfume can be traced from extraction methods of raw materials, flowers, plants, and woods. You will also view the aromatic organ which is the workplace of the perfumes composer, known as the Nose, who will reveal the secrets of creating an unforgettable new fragrance. Later, attend an expert lead workshop, where you will create your own perfume.

Day 5 - June 4th - Cannes: Free Day


Cannes is a city on steroids; glam and celebrity ooze from every corner. Home of the Annual Cannes Film Festival, the city is a place to see and to be seen. Bring your fashion A game, as Cannes is a stylish place where side streets become virtual runways for fashion. Today is your free day to live the good life in Cannes and to explore the magic of this beautiful sun-kissed city on your own. 


Day 6 - June 5th - Nice: Walking Tour


Nice, the largest city on the Côte d’Azur and the 5th largest in France, has attracted artists and aristocrats for centuries. The city is a destination unto itself, with its famed belle époque architecture and the steel-blue Mediterranean Sea. Nice has three faces. First, there's the Promenade des Anglais, an iconic boulevard that runs along the coast. Next, there's Old Nice, with its medieval lanes and alleys. Finally, there's the Nice where locals live, work, and play. Along with downtown Nice, the local area has undergone a facelift to be more modern than ever while maintaining its classic elegance. After check-in, you will take a walking tour of Castle Hill and Promenade des Anglais.


Day 7 - June 6th - Nice: Sailing


No luxury tour of the Côte d'Azur is complete without sailing the intensely blue sea which gives the Côte d’Azur its name.  Sunbathe on the boat's deck or take an ocean dip during a stop. French culture is quite open, so no one will bat an eye if you take off your bikini top. Yep, you can free the girls for an even and rich tan.


Day 8 - June 7th - Nice: Monte Carlo & Monaco


Arrive in Monte Carlo in style!  Dress to impress and continue living the lux life by transferring from Nice to Monte Carlo as the millionaires do: by helicopter. The experiences is sheer opulence.


​There’s a reason every other James Bond movie has a scene in Monte Carlo. Just the name Monte Carlo conjures visions of wealth. Monte Carlo, surrounded by France and the Maritime Alps, has 300 days a year of sunshine. This stunning cliff-side Mediterranean port is a timeless playground for owners of super-yachts as big as mansions. The day will start with a guided walking tour with stops that will include the 19th-century Romanesque-Byzantine Cathedrale de Monaco. You will also visit the final resting place of Princess Grace, Palais du Prince, and the official residence of the Prince of Monaco, Place du Monte-Carlo. The famous square is always humming with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, and Aston Martins. You will visit the Monte Carlo Casino, which is one of the world’s most famous casinos. Enjoy a sunset happy hour and dinner before heading back to Nice by ground transportation.

Day 9 - June 8th - Departure: Travel from Nice, France to the US.


Transfer to the airport for your early morning flight to the US.

Côte d'Azur
The French Riviera

May 31st to June 8th 2022 - Sold Out
2nd dates added for September 2022

4/5 Star
Ground Package $5390

Per-Person Based on Double Occupancy / Single add $1700

No travel buddy? No problem! A roommate can be assigned.

$999 deposit

Monthly payment plan available
for a one-time $49 set-up and processing fee.

Followed by normal monthly payment with the
final payment due 90 days prior to departure.


Ground Package Includes:
Group airport transfers must arrive at Nice Airport (NCE) by 10 AM on May 1st, welcome/orientation dinner, private group transfers between cities, walking tours, 
helicopter to Monaco, wine tasting, perfume workshop, sailing, per-tour support (see below)
mixers, and a few surprises along the way.  ;)  


Pre-Tour Style Prep

How we dress affects our perceived social status, how we
are treated by others, and what we have access to. Nowhere is
this more apparent than on the Côte d'Azur.  To get in, you must fit in!
The fashion of the riviera is glitzy, but not flashy.

Packing a multi-functioning capsule wardrobe where less is more and having
polished hair and make-up are keys to a fuller experience.
We have you covered!

Meet The Globalux Style Squad

Inez Robinson-Chillous


As the founder of "I AM FOREVER FABULOUS LLC," Inez Robinson-Chillous has over 30 years in the fashion industry.  A runway model and style icon, Inez has styled women for events and provided image and wardrobe consultation to her A-list clientele.

The Globalux package includes a one-hour private Zoom meeting with Inez to curate the perfect Côte d'Azur travel capsule wardrobe and to ensure that you are effortlessly fabulous and comfortably dressed everyday. 

Amourelle Corley


Turning her childhood passion for makeup and hair into a career, beauty advisor and artist Amourelle Corley brings over 10 years of passion and creativity to the Globalux Glam Squad. She specializes in healthy glowing skin and eyes that command attention. Amourelle has mastered the art of enhancing a woman's natural beauty with just the right amount of polish and drama that stands out in a crowd.

Your Globalux package also includes a "Lux Glow" group Zoom meeting with Amourelle to plan your make-up needs and beauty routine to keep you champagne poppin' ready. 




Flight  suggestions offered

$125 Early Bird Savings
$76 off the package price and no
$49 processing fee with early bird payment
of half the package by May 25th


​To Join the
The Globalux Society
Email your name and telephone number to
or call 323.275.4888

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