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This is not an apology, but an answer.


Over the past years, many Black women have traveled with me around the world. Our travelers are single or married, solo travelers or friend and family pairs. They come from all walks of lifedoctors, lawyers, teachers, secretaries, and many others. 


Often, I receive letters supporting our mission and sometimes criticism from people accusing me of self-hate, disloyalty to the Black community, being the whites man's whore, and taking Black women to the enemy. Yes, I have heard or read it all.


After receiving a hate email from a Black man, I thought it was time to talk about WHY was created.


I have seen one too many comments from negative people that have not taken the time to understand the passion behind what I do. It seems that men want to transfer onto us what they would do on vacations. At the pace of our tours, there's hardly time to sleep, let along get busy with the opposite sex.


For the most part, women just don't "take it there" when traveling and it is not what we are about.

When looking at the history and current racial issues of the United States, I understand how our Black female critics find it difficult to comprehend an openness towards dating non-blacks. While I understand their disapproval,  I also understand crippling loneliness.


I am not saying Italy nor any other county is the promised land or that interracial dating is the one size fits all answer. But it is an option.


Not everyone that travels with us is traveling for this reason, nor is this the only reason for the tours.


International travel can change lives and how one looks at the world. Transformations can happen as we learn to become global citizens!


When visiting places like Italy, France, Greece, Senegal, Egypt, Ghana, South Africa, and other destinations, we learn that in many ways, cultures can be different but as humans, we are all the same in our need to be loved.

To my haters, I wish you only the best and hope one day you will open your minds and hearts to the struggles of so many Black women. The 1.5 million imbalance is REAL and we need real solutions. 



OneLove, OneWorld!


To the Critics

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