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The OGs In African American Female Group Travel Experiences
Encouraging black women since 2006

Italy extened
COMMUNITY . cultural awareness . lANGUAGE. DATING

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”
– Anna Akhmatova


Visiting a country is much different from living there.

You have visited Italy and like so many others you have fallen
in love with the country and are thinking about moving.


August 1st to 15th 2023


Moving to a new country is more than acquiring a visa, finding a place to live,  and buying a plane ticket.  It also does not take years of planning. It is a combination of planning and taking a leap faith. 


To learn about a country beyond the tourist experience and preparation for the big move, we suggest an extended stay of 1 to 3 months to get up close and personal with the culture.


Globalnista's Founder, Fleace Weaver have helped Black women uniquely experience Italy for years.  She has lived, laughed, and fallen in love in this beautiful country that is considered her 2nd home.

She has encouraged and personally assistanted other Black women to take the leap and follow their dream of living in Italy. We currently have Globanistas living in the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna and Milan.  Our comminity is growning.

Now, it is YOUR TURN!


If you are ready to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT and seriously considering living in Italy or just want to enjoy an extended stay, join Fleace for two weeks in beautiful Florence, home of the Italian Renaissance. You will have an intimate experince while living like a local and learning from insiders.


Live la bella vita (the beutiful life) in our Globalnista condo with Fleace and 4 others (2 per-bedroom)

During your 2 weeks extened stay, you will have a full cultural Immersion while stepping out of the role of a outsider and learning how to maneuver life in Italy as a non-tourist, which will require open-mindness and cultural adjustments.  You will experince the new an unfamilar with the support of those that understand your culture.


Fleace will be there holding your hand along the way, while also gently pushing you past your comfort zone. 


You will have 5 days formal Italian lessons with a taecher that is certified by the Italian Ministry of Education.  You have day trips to Bologna and Verona (setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet). An optional day tip to Rome will be offered.  


For those that are interested, we include hands-on dating advice and experience including how to set-up and manage a respectable presence on dating apps that gets proven results beyond random hook-ups.

An important part of this journey is being happy with the woman you see in the mirror,t is no secret that Italians like the idea of “la bella figura” which literally translates to “the beautiful figure.” It specifically means to dress well to make a good impression. What you communicate with your visual presentation is just as important as what you say.  August is the summer sale month in Italy. You will find bargins around every corner.

For those close to making the big leap, apartment and/or real estate assistance with a licensed real estate agent  will be available to help with the planning. Also Fleace can help with basic documentation requirements. For more compicated issues a referal of an  immigration specialist or attorney can be provided. Navigating the eye-crossing Italian bureaucracy, is no joke. Lots of wine will be needed! :)

Speaking of wine, it will be flowing ... it is Italy after all!

This will be a Sister Circle of sharing and receiving!

As with all Globalnista experiences, we are not for everyone. To ensure we have the right 4 ladies, there is an in-depth interview process if you are not one of our repeat travelers.

Watch the video from of our one month "Live in Rome" experience.


Learn why I am called the "Dream Weaver" and Ms Italy! :)


Italy Extended
April 1 -15th
Ground Package $3972

Per-Person Based on Double Occupancy

(No travel buddy? No problem!

A roommate can be assigned)


Experience Includes:
Group airport transfers. You must arrive at Florence Peretola airport by 11am, August 1st. Transfer to airport at 6am noon August 15th.


Welcome/orientation lunch, two weeks shared apartment accommodations, weekly transit pass, Italian lessons, group time along with some one-on-one time when needed. Online dating workshop and practical experience (yes, dates), day trips to Bolonga and Verona (included), nightlife and MUCH more.


$999 deposit

Monthly payment plan available
for a $49 set-up and processing fee.

Everyone on the monthly payment plan must be
paid in full 30 days prior to departure.


Flight Suggestions Offered

Prices quoted are subject to change if the euro
currency exchange rate increases 3% or more

Email your name and telephone number to
or call 323.275.4888

Follow Fleace's personal FB page at


Don't forget to send this email to
ALL your girlfriends across the US!

*When flights are included, Fuel charges are included in price and
subject to change by the airline until entire package is paid in fulll



Your Italy Specialist


Italy is a country of many of many beautiful layers that are not often truly appreciated  from the surface.  We have the knowledge and expertise to take you deeper into the culture beyond food and historical sights. 

With Globalnista, you do not simply visit Italy, you LIVE ITALY!  

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