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Lawyer #3

Okay, I have received quite a few requests for the details about how I met Lawyer #3. 


Since I have not had much time to write these day here is the short version.

It was a Thursday night in Rome and I had met a girlfriend at a local hot spot for an aperitivo (an alcoholic beverage that is consumed prior to a meal with the intention of stimulating the appetite).  While there, I receive a call from Lawyer #2 asking about my whereabouts.  Now ladies know, whenever an Italian man ask where are you and you answer expect to see him soon whether invited or not.  As expected within 20 minutes he was walking in the door.  


It was okay because I wanted my friend to meet him.   Soon, he is sitting on a seat next to me and we are holding hands, laughing and kissing.   He always makes me laugh.


After a couple of drinks and lots of kissing and I excuse myself and walk to the bathroom to reapply my lipstick and do a "girlie check".  In Italy, many of the bathrooms only have the toilet areas divided for males and females.  The sink and mirror are in a shared space.   


Soon after entering the bathroom, a man enters behind me.  He stands as if waiting for his turn to use the sink or mirror.   Knowing that I will be there for a while, I step aside to allow him access to the space.  He walks up and washes his hands and steps back for me to return.  In the mirror, I can see him watching me from behind.  I smile at him and ask did he need to use the sink again. 


He smiles back and said “no, I just wanted to tell you that you are here with the wrong man.  I could not believe what I was hearing and said “what?”  He repeated “you are here with the wrong man.  You should be here with me”.  I smile and said “really?”  “Yes, really!  He is not the man for you”.  I was flatter but taken a little aback, no one has ever tried to pick me up “IN” a bathroom before.  



I want to take you out for dinner. May I have your phone number, he said with much confidence.   I thought about it for a moment and said “NO, it is not right.  I’m sorry”.   I wiggled around him and walked out of the room and returned to lawyer #2.


For the remainder of the evening, the handsome stranger watched me.  Whenever I would look in his direction, his full attention was on me.   I found it quite sexy and intriguing.   I told my girlfriend about him and we were in agreement that the stranger’s approach was HOT but inappropriate!!!   


Out of respect and wanting to treat people the way I wanted to be treated, I did nothing.   Then lawyer #2 make a big mistake, he left me alone at the table.   With the lighting speed, the stranger made his 2nd move.  Without saying a word he walked over to the table and places his business card in front of me and walked away.  It seemed like time stood still as I was trying to decide whether to pick it up.   


I even slide it over in my girlfriend’s direction and she pushed back in front of me.   I could see that lawyer #2 was walking back toward us, so I quickly picked up the card and placed it in the pocket.   At that point, I felt it was time for us to leave.  While walking out the front door, we passed directly in front of the stranger.  You could have cut the tension/attraction between us with a knife.  I even gave him a soft little smile but he played it straight by showing no evidence of what had happened earlier.


After arriving home, I look at the card.  Enter into my life lawyer #3.




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