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Portugal and senegal

May 18th to 27th 2022


We Are Going Again!

Our Portugal and Senegal 2019 tour was nothing less than amazing.
Do not take our word for it, make sure to view the pictures and videos here.

Senegal, occupies the historically unfortunate position of being the western-most point on the African mainland. This meant it was commonly used as a launching point for the slave trade.
Today, the largest and capital city of Dakar perched on the tip of the Cap-Vert peninsula is known for its vibrant bustling culture, history, markets, music, beautiful coastal beaches, and electric nightlife. The sheer energy of Dakar can leave some visitors feeling overwhelmed at first, once you've off the tourist path with Globalnista, you will also experience the slower relaxing pace simmering just beneath the surface.


Portugal, is the oldest country in Europe and once owned half the new world. After the signing of The Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 Portugal was assigned over half of the "new world" which included the likes of Brazil, Guinea, Angola, Mozambique, Macau, Nagasaki, Bombay and more! This move began its fate as the largest and longest standing global empire ever. It has preserved its original borders for the past 800 year.Lisbon, built on seven hills has become one of the most exciting cities in Europe. From history to nightlife and beach life, from hipster cafes to street music and shopping – you name it, Lisbon has it. New bars, restaurants, boutiques, clubs, galleries and hotels are multiplying at a dizzying rate, making it a perfect location for a fun loving Globalnista. Oh boy, the men! No Globalnista tour would be complete without amazing eye candy. Both desinations has some of the most handsome men in the world. Look but no touching ... well maybe a little is you are single. :)

New Arrivals





Sleep is for flights home!




This tour is so HOT, we had to add an extra day to fit it all in.

May 8th - 10:00am group transfer from the Airport. Toss your luggage in the hotel and you are off to the welcome to Lisbon and tour orientation breakfast, followed by a walking tour. It is BGT ... we never start a tour with sleep! BE READY Later head out for happy hour, dinner of Portuguese food.

May 9th - After breakfast, the day will start with a CUSTOM BGT private bike tour to other districts of the city with stops along the way. Fleace has designed this tour to be like no other. After the ride, enjoy lunch before visiting another popular area for some free time to explore on your own. .

May 10th - Early morning, visit the fairytale land of Sintra. Sintra is unlike any other village, known for many legends echo inside its sweeping views tucked into lush hillsides and former residences of the rich and royal families. The architecture is a mix of Manueline and Moorish. The village center of Sintra is incredibly charming, with pretty cobbled streets that are lined with traditional house, shops, cafes, and wine bars. Ahhhh ... Portuguese wines! Leave room in you luggage to bring a couple of bottle home

Sintra's crown jewel is undoubtedly Pena Palace (picture above). The palace is a sight to behold and explore. It is considered to be one of the most dramatic and expressive specimens of 19th century romanticism architecture. Photos cannot do Pena Palace justice. The whole experience of exploring the grounds, turrets, and balconies was wondrous and a bit surreal.

May 11th - Today is your free day, to explore Lisbon on your own or book the optional trip to Porto, the city that gave birth to the country's name is Lisbon's stunning but quieter sister. The atmospheric Cais da Ribeira riverfront, the unique Dom Luís bridge, the beautiful Sao Bento station, and the port wine lodges on the opposite side of the Douro, are some of the highlights of Portugal's second city.

Make sure to try the Port wine, which takes its name from the city and has been revered for centuries, beloved by English lords,  tsars and connoisseurs the world over. Return to Lisbon to join the other ladies for an evening of street music and dancing.

May12th - Store your luggage before heading out to learn about the history and current life in Portugal from a Black perceptive. The perfect lead into continuing on to Senegal the next day.


May12th/13th  - Goodbye Portugal and hello Senegal. Late night, check-in to get some sleep before your first day visiting Senegal. After breakfast you are off with your local guide for a city tour visiting historic sites including the African Renaissance Monument was unveiled in 2010 to commemorate Senegal's 50 years of independence from France. At 49m in height, it is taller than New York City's Statue of Liberty and Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer. Sunday lunch at a beautiful special location. In the evening, meet the ladies in the hotel bar for a wine mixer.

May 14th - From the city to the bush. You will travel to meet the people of a local village and present gifts to the children. For lunch try the national dish thiéboudiene (literally rice with fish) or chicken yassa (chicken in an onion sauce). With your local guides you will learn about different cultures and customs in West Africa from the real faces of Africa.

Later visit a local designer boutique for unique items to impress your friends back home.

May 15th - Today travel to Goree Island and Lac Rose (Pink Lake). The island of Gorée lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar. From the 15th to the 19th century, it was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast. Ruled in succession by the Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French, its architecture is characterized by the contrast between the grim slave-quarters and the elegant houses of the slave traders.

The "House of Slaves" on Senegal's Goree Island was, by some accounts, the first stop for some 20 million African slaves destined for ships moored offshores. Standing in the door of no return on Goree Island door will be emotional. No words can prepare you.

Lac Rose (also called Lake Retba) gets its name from the pink hue (The color varies depending on the weather and the season.) caused by its high salt content and an algae that produce a red pigment. Because of its high salt content — up to 40 percent in some places — has a buoyancy effect similar to that of the Dead Sea. The lake can sometimes take a more sinister shade, appearing to be blood red, a much less comforting place for your imagination to go when gazing out upon the surreal view. Watch the fascinating process of men and boys salt collecting. You can enjoy floating in the river, but make sure to cover your body with a layer of shea butter. Visit one of the villages surrounding Lac Rose before heading for dinner before heading to the airport to check-in.

May 16th/17th - Early morning departure to USA


Portugal and Senegal
May 18th to 27th 2021

3/4 Star Ground Only Package
Per-Person Based on Double Occupancy

(No travel buddy? No problem! A roommate can be assigned)

Gound Package Include:
Accommodations, group hotel transfer, boat to the island of goree,
tours, party entries, and quite a few surprises
(because we've BGT)

Monthly payment plan available for
a one time $49 set-up & processing fee.

$599 Deposit Required
with monthly payments


Email your name and telephone number to
or call (323) 275-4888

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