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6 Days in rome with
the Star Player

By Jasmine D. 

As Fleace's assistant, I have been able to admire the work she does and learn more about the experiences that blossom for not only her but the women who have the chance to travel with her.  I had the amazing chance to watch "A Black Girl in Italy" upfront in action this past week...and boy I can't even begin explain!



Watching Fleace in action is even more thrilling in person than reading her stories, trust me if I had permission to video tape this past week, the bootleg would go viral faster than the Kim Kardashian sex tape! Joking aside, this week has been nothing less than amazing.

So a quick synopsis of the suitors that have us all fascinated with her stories:



The Lawyer - A man who wants Fleace and will stop at no cost! On saturday evening we all had dinner together and a very nice place, Gusto.  Prior to our arrival when he picked us up at the house his face lit up as soon as she exited her building door.  He adoes just the idea of being in the presence of her company.  He's very chic and sophisticated, and knows how to pick out a great bottle of wine! I like his style.  What kept me entertained thoughout the week was watching Fleace play the game of endless text messages and phone calls, all on his behalf.  Because he wants her so bad I got to see him try to use his lawyer tactics to keep her in.  Unfortunately, he missed the memo that Fleace is an avid chess player.  For every passive aggressive move he made, she gave him the counter attack, which in the end still has him on his toes just dying to get her attention.



Green Pants-  What I like most about him is his playful personality.  On friday night we went out for drinks.  He was not ashamed to flirt with Fleace even with me sitting at the table with him.  Aside from his constant blushing with my boss lady, he managed to make me feel included in all conversations, which I appreciated.



Last but not least...Baby Food #2, Gabriele .... let me start off with one word ladies.....DAMN! That whole experience in itself I had the pleasure of witnessing the initial moment he laid eyes on her. We went out Friday night to a club in il centro, and that's when their dance started.  The moment she ordered the first drink his eyes made it very clear that he wanted her.  I will leave the details of the story to the star player herself, but let me tell you first, had he hit on me instead I would have intentionally lost my passport to avoid coming back to the states! lol


So the best part of meeting all of her suitors was that it happened within a 24 hour period! Talk about a world tour!  I have no idea how she does it, but she gets the damn thing done! And might I add with just enough class and sass to keep these men wanting more! (I am pretty thankful for all the espresso and vino that kept this engine fueled and energized)

To say Rome is an amazing city is truly an understatement, this city has completely stolen my heart!  From viewing the monuments that have been able to stand for centuries, tasting the food that exceeds my mother's cooking (sorry mom), listening to the beautiful language, and the men....(let's just say Fleace often caught me looking like a six year old in a candy store), I still cannot believe I am here in this magical city.




Your Italy Specialist


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